React Next JS Admin Dashbaord Template Using Tailwind Source Code

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Download the Source Code of React Next.js Admin Dashboard Template with Tailwind CSS with MUI

Next JS React


1. Run command 'npm install' in the terminal
2. Update MySQL env from next.config.js file
3. Start using 'npm run dev' command
4. Update .env file if you want to sign in from Google

User Module will display after setting up MySQL in next.config.js

1. Kickstart Your Project with Next.js:
   - Effortlessly set up your project using Next.js, complete with API integration and directory fine-tuning. We've taken care of the initial configurations so you can dive into development without any hiccups.

2. Stylish and Responsive Authentication Forms:
   - Utilize our Signin and Signup forms that boast a sleek design and seamless integration with Tailwind CSS and Next.js. Elevate user authentication in your application effortlessly.

3. MUI Sidenav for Intuitive Navigation:
   - Experience the convenience of Material-UI (MUI) Sidenav, providing a responsive and user-friendly sidebar navigation that enhances the overall aesthetics and usability of your dashboard.

4. Dynamic Sub-Menus for Enhanced Functionality:
   - Extend the power of your sidebar navigation by incorporating dynamic sub-menus, creating a hierarchical structure for a more organized and intuitive user experience.

5. Consistent Layouts with Next.js:
   - Optimize your application's layout for consistency and visual appeal throughout your dashboard. Our template ensures a polished and professional look for your entire project.

6. Active Menu Detection for Smooth Navigation:
   - Implement a robust active menu detection mechanism, providing users with clear indications of their current location and enhancing navigation efficiency.

7. Seamless MySQL Integration for Data Management:
   - Learn the ropes of seamlessly integrating MySQL into your Next.js project, empowering you to manage data effectively and interact with databases effortlessly.

8. Data Table with Pagination:
   - Organize and display large datasets efficiently with our data table featuring pagination, offering a clean and user-friendly way to interact with extensive information.

9. Form Validation for Data Integrity:
   - Ensure data integrity and accuracy by implementing form validation, a crucial feature for maintaining high-quality data within your application.

10. Comprehensive CRUD Operations and Search Functionality:
    - Master Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations on your data table. Additionally, empower users with efficient search functionality for seamless data retrieval.

11. Stunning Charts for Data Visualization:
    - Elevate your dashboard with various chart types, including Line Charts, Bar Charts, and Donut Charts, providing an informative visual representation of your data.

12. Next SEO Optimization:
    - Boost your application's discoverability with Next SEO optimization, including essential elements like sitemaps, robots.txt, and optimized meta tags.

13. Stay Updated with Next.js Versioning:
    - Learn how to effortlessly update your Next.js version, ensuring your project stays on the cutting edge with the latest features and improvements.

14. Dynamic Theme Switching:
    - Implement a dynamic theme switcher, allowing users to personalize their experience by toggling between light and dark themes effortlessly.

15.NextAuth and Google Sign-In:
    - Explore the robust capabilities of NextAuth and seamlessly integrate Google Sign-In for secure and convenient user authentication.

16. Route Protection in Next.js:
    - Ensure the security of your application by learning how to protect routes in Next.js, safeguarding sensitive information and functionalities for authorized users only.

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