Flutter Food App Source Code with React Admin Panel

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Download Flutter Food App Source Code
Firebase is the Backend for Flutter and React

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Download and get the source code of the Food App built with Flutter and Firebase
The Admin Portal of this App is developed using React and Firebase.

- User Login and Registration Feature
- Add to cart feature
- Online payment using Razor pay
- Admin Panel to track orders, users, and products
- Admin panel built using React and Firebase
- Upload food menu with different category
- Upload menu picture in firebase storage
- User profile editing feature in App

1. Download the code 
2. You'll get two folders one is for App and the other is for the admin portal
3. Create an account in firebase
4. Add a Google firebase JSON file in your app from firebase
5. Activate Firestore, Authentication, and Storage in your firebase.
6. Pase firebase config details in your react app
7. Don't forget to edit firebase rules e.g., 

Cloud Firestore

rules_version = '2';

service cloud.firestore {

  match /databases/{database}/documents {

    match /{document=**} {

      allow read, write: if

          request.time < timestamp.date(2028, 1, 8);




Watch Flutter Food App Source Code with React Admin Panel Installation

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