Gym Management Software (C# Desktop Application)

₹ 199

Gym Management Software is Fully Developed Gym Managing application where Gym owner can keep members record with payment, daily routines, body view etc.

C Sharp



82524 – 69683 – 82524 – 69683


Steps To Install:

1.     Go to Doyen Gym Folder

2.     Open bin Folder

3.     Open Release

4.     Click On DoyenGym.exe

5.     Enter Activation key provided above  



Features of software

ü  Members Joining Form

ü  Payment Details (Pending, Paid, Renewal Date) with SMS Notification.

ü  Exercise Routine Maker with Export and mail Facility which you can mail to your Gym Members.

ü  Staff Management

ü  Monthly Measurement of Body

ü  SMS Sending Facility



Stand Alone Desktop Application

Developed on C# and MS SQL Server

Watch Gym Management Software (C# Desktop Application) Installation

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