Visitor Management Software Source Code with PHP and React

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Visitor Management Software with Features like
 - WhatsApp Response Capturing
 - QR Code Generation and Printing 
 - Visitors Data Export Feature
 - Search Feature
 - Image Upload and Print Feature

React Laravel PHP


Smart Visitor Management Software with WhatsApp Share and QR Code and Print Features

React JS 

Visitor Management Software developed in React JS and Laravel. Features: 1. Share Visitor's Details on WhatsAapp 2. Get Approval with approval link on WhatsApp 3. Generate QR code that contains list of visitors 4. Print QR Code and visitor's details 5. Feature to Upload and Print Visitor Photo 6. Explore list of visitors' data wise and searching faicility 7. Visitor's data Excel Export Facility

Discover the power of modern visitor management with our cutting-edge software solution, meticulously crafted using the synergistic blend of React JS and Laravel technologies. Seamlessly integrate advanced features to revolutionize the way you manage visitors and ensure the security of your premises.

Share Visitor Details on WhatsApp:
Effortlessly share visitor details with stakeholders through the popular messaging platform WhatsApp. Keep everyone informed and updated in real-time, enhancing communication and security protocols.

Obtain Approval via WhatsApp:
Simplify the approval process by sending approval links directly through WhatsApp. Decision-makers can conveniently grant or deny access, enhancing the efficiency of visitor authorization.

Generate Comprehensive QR Codes:
Our software empowers you to generate QR codes that encapsulate complete visitor lists. Enhance access control by leveraging QR codes for smooth and secure entry processes.

Efficient QR Code and Visitor Detail Printing:
Print QR codes alongside visitor information, facilitating a seamless check-in process. Additionally, enable comprehensive visitor tracking by printing visitor details, contributing to robust record-keeping.

Upload and Print Visitor Photos:
Take visitor identification to the next level by allowing photo uploads and subsequent printing on visitor badges. Heighten security measures while offering a personalized experience.

Seamless Visitor Data Exploration:
Navigate and explore visitor data effortlessly with our user-friendly interface. Find specific entries with ease, utilizing intuitive data filtering and search capabilities.

Comprehensive Data Analysis:
Empower your organization with insightful data analysis. Efficiently organize and categorize visitor information for deeper insights into visitor trends and patterns.

Excel Export Functionality:
Facilitate efficient data management with the ability to export visitor information to Excel format. Seamlessly integrate with your existing data workflows for comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Elevate your visitor management procedures with our innovative software, developed using the latest technologies. Experience enhanced security, streamlined operations, and a comprehensive approach to visitor data management. Embrace the future of visitor management today.

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